Came Off A Long Road

First started in Beijing in 1996, Mr. Wang Wen, founder of Schiger, has been in refrigeration equipment business for years. He saw customers always not getting what they want, especially when they costed much money. At that time there is no product that is fair in price, stable in performance as well as good in customer support. That triggered Mr. Wang to build his own plant, to make products for customers.

  • 1996 – The predecessor of Schiger established in Beijing

  • 2006 – 2 production lines put into production to do various products

  • 2013 – Moved whole plant to Daye, Huangshi, after expansion, total land area 45000㎡

  • 2016 – Trademark Schiger registered and promoted globally on integrating superior resources

  • Today – Fully independent research and development, production to customers all over the world

Though we are big in China, we are still growing. Just like recent years we build good reputation among brokers, trading companies and overseas distributors.

Customer Oriented

When customer like the machine mostly, but still need it higher? No problem, we can do it. No ideal is bad ideal. Any customized need on our machines? Just contact us.

  • R&D Team – Experienced team members together raise the bar of refrigeration industry

  • Design – From appearance to inside construction

  • Capacity – Making 36000 sets per a year

  • Delivery – 75% faster than other manufacturers in this field

The belief of customer first has been in stamped into Schiger blood, from design to production, from sales to customer support, every detail shows.

Ice Cream Rolls Machine

Our factory has been taking biggest share of ice cream rolls machine in domestic market. As the trend of ice cream rolls keeps blowing, many western consumers want to buy the equipment then they found our machines and bought from our domestic distributors. At the time many peers in China went into this business, because they saw the part was growing fast. The mode is buy and sell. Small part of them choose to do imitation which means technology and outlook copying. By this trend, our products have been all over the internet, like, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Alibaba and some trading companies website.

However, it brought up some problems. They don’t provide any after-sales service, no tech support at all.

How to Choose

  • Check appearance especially the operation panel, we changed panel after January 2018.

    If the machine with outdated panel on, it’s either stock from a trading company or other factories.

  • Check package, we upgraded to plywood case with steel frame after January 2018

    If the machine’s still with plywood case and nails, it’s outdated stock from trading companies or just from other factories.

  • Purchase from us directly, contact for details.

Schiger Provides

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Life-time tech support

  • Ask for skills to roll

  • Professional consulting, consult the one who knows equipment well

Direct from Factory

to the World

OEM / ODM / Project working

Foodservice equipment manufacturer in China since 1996