Dry evaporator is mostly used in refrigeration equipment today, which is stable and mature technology. Flooded evaporator is another way, using no coil to get full transfer of temperature. It’s more efficient, however the strict requirements of the craft increases cost.

Schiger Equipment has developed a new kind of evaporator – “Fusion” system. On base of fry evaporator, we bring full liquid and soldering thoughts in. After testing and testing, perfect our craftsmanship, complete our standard procedure,  we have Fusion system.

Fusion is fast. It can get -25℃ in 8 minutes. Fusion is sustainable. It keeps cold temperature even when compressor’s not working.


Full freezing on the pan! No more dead ends on squared pans.

With special coils made by Schiger Equipment, the pan freezes equally and fully all over the surface.


With many years experience focused on refrigeration equipment, Schiger Equipment trained workers into experts. They know exactly what to do to to be efficient as well as quality-first.


Every single unit has to do testing procedure before leaving factory.

  • Test in Water – Every refrigeration unit is tested in water in order to see the whole refrigeration system is closed or not.

  • Test in Function – Before packing, every unit is plugged in to run all functions.

We make sure every product is ready to serve before packing and shipping.